Consumer products distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

About Our Company

FairDeal Brings Brands To Markets in Myanmar & Cambodia

About FairDeal

FairDeal is the leading distribution company in Myanmar specializing in pharmaceutical and consumer products. We have helped our partners build successful brands in Myanmar since 1991 and have continually invested in our people, processes, technology and services to be the pioneer in the market expansion services for healthcare and consumer goods sector across Myanmar. We provide our clients with a full range of integrated market expansion services across multidimensional platforms. Our extensive in-house capabilities and best-in-class partners allow us to create custom, purpose-built distribution solutions that help drive our clients’ businesses.

Our Business Units

Consumer goods distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)


The Pharmaceutical business was started in 1991. With the distribution agreement from Ciba Geigy obtained in 1993, FairDeal were the first company in setting up proper Distribution Network for the Switzerland Multi-National Company in early 1996.

Consumer goods distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

Consumer Products

This business was set up in the year 2000 distributing Personal Care Products in the market.

Our Vision

To be the distributor partner of choice in Myanmar and to expand our services into Indochina markets.

Our Mission

Caring for Myanmar through our continuous improvements in investments made in operational efficiency, training, and empowering people. To provide state of the art infrastructure and facilities and being compliant to local bodies. Achieving international certifications in quality, safety, and operations thus, ensuring our customers are happy and expanding.

Distribution Network Coverage

We have the most extensive distribution network coverage around Myanmar & Cambodia.

We cover the length and breadth of Myanmar. Our footprints are in modern trade, clinics, wholesale traders, general trade outlets, hospitals, pharmacies, convenience stores, and traditional stores. We have offices in Yangon, Mandalay and other major cities across Myanmar.

Our Company Milestones


FairDeal’s new warehousing and office facilities was set up in Mandalay to cater the ever-growing demand of upper Myanmar market.


FairDeal launched FD HealthLine on our Facebook page. Myanmar’s leading physicians and professionals from the healthcare field has been discussing various pediatric issues and spreading awareness in order to have a healthier and safe up bringing to Myanmar Youth.


FairDeal ventured into Cambodian market distributing Kotra Pharma’s Appeton range of supplements. Currently, more supplier’s brand have been added to our growing portfolio.


FairDeal achieved ISO accreditation for excellence in warehousing and distribution services.


We moved into a new corporate office complex, comprising of specialized warehousing facilities to better service our market. The warehousing facilitates cold chain storage and controlled drug storage.


Getz Pharma, Pakistan’s largest Pharmaceutical company, appointed FairDeal as Myanmar’s exclusive distributor.


FairDeal started distributing consumer products from Balsara, now acquired by Dabur.


We established our second SBU in consumer goods, this included personal care, skincare, household goods, and stationery.


FairDeal inked a deal with Kotra Pharma Malaysia and help develop “Appeton” to be the market leader in Myanmar in the following years. The year 1997 also marked the introduction of OTC products in our portfolio.


Ciba- Geigy, now known as Novartis decided to appoint FairDeal and thus created the first Distribution Eco System in Pharmaceutical products in Myanmar.


Marked our foray into importing pharmaceutical products into Myanmar.


Mohammed Javed Lujee then a young businessman co-founded FairDeal with a vision that the people of Myanmar should experience world class health care products to improve their quality of life.