Pharma distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

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Market Expansion Services in Myanmar & Cambodia.

End to end distribution & market expansion solutions for brands looking to enter Myanmar & Cambodia markets.

As a leader in market expansion services, we continuously strive to grow stronger and bigger with our partners. Our mission to accomplish this feat has placed us leaps and bounds ahead of other players in the local distribution space. With our commitment to information systems and security, we have invested in the most sophisticated Management Information System ahead of the competition. The MIS comprises of a dedicated and secured VPN, geo reach capability, supply chain and a standalone data center which is synchronized in real time with all the FD offices across the country. This gives our management team an enviable access to data mining and data warehousing which in turn supports them and our partners with their strategy and market positioning.
We offer comprehensive market expansion solutions to our partners entering Myanmar and Cambodia. Our extensive in-house capabilities and best in class partnership model allows us to create custom built distribution solutions that help in marketing and drive our clients’ businesses.
  • Support Partners with Importing of their products
  • Securing necessary clearances from regulatory bodies
  • End to End Marketing – from collaterals to ATL, BTL activities
  • Warehousing and securing the goods in a modern, centrally located FDA approved premises
  • Distribute through over 17,000 channels
FMCG distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)


In line with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policies, FairDeal provides the pharmaceutical, over the counter products, food supplements, and cosmetic product registration services to its clients. FairDeal can power your growth by registering products and overcome the regulatory challenges. Our team of regulatory experts provide you with broad technical registration expertise and in-depth knowledge of local regulations. Our ongoing liaisons with regulatory authorities, ensure your product documentation and safeguard your rights. With FairDeal you benefit from having a single point of contact for all your regulatory matters.

Healthcare distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

Import & Custom Clearance

FairDeal can take care of all your customs procedures, completing necessary declarations on your behalf – including getting the tariffs and country codes allowing quick and efficient clearance of air and sea shipments. We engage following remote import procedures which includes the export documentation from the country of origin. Complete confidentiality is ensured and can have documentation coordinated by us which enables the shipper and receiver to remain anonymous to each other.

FMCG distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

Cold Chain & Controlled Drug Storage

Our on-site warehouse facilities, staffed by a dedicated warehousing team ensure that our clients benefit from effective and well-managed warehousing services. Our top priority is delivering the highest standards of service. All our cold chain and storage facilities are compliant to FDA standards and norms.

FMCG distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)


Our dedicated distribution team has a fleet of over 50 vehicles. The network of offices comprises of Head Office at Yangon and 12 Branch Offices across the length and breadth of the country. We also have over 46 dealers, where are our own field force is stationed and located. These stock points ensure that our clients enjoy speedy delivery of their goods at all times and feedback on delivery, availability is always monitored by our Head Offices. All distribution activities are overseen by our experienced Chief Operating Officer. We reach over 7,000 Outlets in Pharmaceutical and over 10,000 in FMCG Segments.

Healthcare distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)


FairDeal has a team of over 300 field sales force in Myanmar. It includes dedicated Field Sales Managers, Area Managers, Sales Managers and a Heads for Pharmaceutical and Consumer Division who oversees all sales team activities and reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. All major and key accounts are handled by the Senior Managers themselves. The FairDeal sales force comprises of experienced and well-connected Sales Representatives who are continuously trained and mandated to negotiate at outlets and stores level on behalf of our clients. Our experienced expatriate managers in the Head and Chief Operating Officer level bring direction and leadership to the workforce.

Consumer products distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

Customer Service

FairDeal provides differentiated customer service experiences based on the requirements of consumer goods and pharmaceutical segments. Our Customer Service Agents regularly and methodically calls all the outlets to gather feedback on the service delivery quality, timeliness and efficiency among other parameters.

FMCG distributors in Myanmar (Cambodia)

Advertising, Marketing & Sales Promotion

FairDeal partners, supports and offers a full end to end marketing service when developing a brand for their partner. With over 28 years of experience in consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, our insights into market strategy and consumer understanding are best in class. FairDeal has what it takes to give our partners brand a competitive advantage.